Can Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol Lure Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles Lakers?

Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have eyes on Pau Gasol, which they're hoping is enough for Carmelo Anthony to have eyes on them.

While it appeared as if the Lakers would pump the brakes on any free-agent aspirations this summer, they're reportedly gearing up for quite the offseason. And though they've positioned themselves to make a run at both Anthony and LeBron James, ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin says there is a Plan B in place: 

In fact, should it appear that James and Anthony are not pursuing a mutual destination as a package deal -- especially with Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem and Chris Bosh opting out of their deals with the Miami Heat -- the Lakers believe that having Gasol back on the team could be vital in their solo pursuit of Anthony.

This represents quite the shift in mentality. Gasol's relationship with the Lakers was considered irreparable weeks ago, and Anthony's arrival was deemed unnecessary and potentially destructive if he wasn't accompanied by James.

Now the Lakers apparently want both. 

Weird? Yes.

Possible? The jury is still out.


First Thing's First

If the Lakers plan on using Gasol as an additional selling point for Anthony, they have to, you know, keep him first. 

Mike D'Antoni's departure makes them a more appealing landing spot for the 7-foot Spaniard, who was often marginalized within the coach's floor-space-heavy system. Magic Mike and Gasol were like two peas in a pod—if both peas had arms that were brandishing a pair of flintlocks. Point being, they weren't compatible. 

Coaching is only part of it, though. Gasol has spent nearly seven years with the Lakers and would love to stay, but he also wants to win. 

"My decision will be based purely on sporting considerations," he wrote on his personal website in February, per McMenamin. "It co...

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