Can Jordan Farmar Be the Lakers’ Point Guard of the Future?

Like most of his teammates, Jordan Farmar had a better-than-average year on a worse-than-average team. And also like most of them, he spent too much time on the injured list.

During a season filled with oddities for the Los Angeles Lakers—including the worst loss record in franchise history—it’s hard to truly gauge just how good Farmar could be for the team.

If in fact it even brings him back. Like most other Lakers, he’s a free agent once again.

Yet, for a team awash in question marks, it is worth posing one more—could this be its point guard of the future?

It’s not as crazy as you may think, not in an era of a collective bargaining agreement that makes it difficult for any team to afford one true superstar, much less two.

And at any rate, there aren’t enough stars in the league for every team. That’s just how it is.

Dante Exum could possibly be the point guard of the future for the Lakers except it’s highly unlikely he’ll still be on the board when it comes time for management to make its draft-night pick.

Assuming the Australian wonderkid goes elsewhere, then what? Point guard Marcus Smart perhaps? But what if the Lakers draft a frontcourt player instead?

Steve Nash and the word “future” don’t go hand-in-hand, and Kendall Marshall showed he’s better than a fluke but not a long term starter—not with that cranky, old-fashioned set shot of his.

There will be free agents like Kyle Lowry, but a hot season with the Toronto Raptors may have boosted his salary potential to a place where Los Angeles just won’t go.

And then there’s Farmar—a perennial backup in the league but nonetheless a backup with a couple NBA championship rings. And, he had an active part in those title runs—playing double minutes and making a difference. The ...

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