Can Andrew Bynum Come Home Again to the LA Lakers?

They say you can’t go home again, meaning you can return to a place but not to a place in time. It’s never quite as we remember, and we ourselves are not the same.

It has also been interpreted as meaning that you can’t go home again without being deemed a failure.

It has been two years since Andrew Bynum left the Los Angeles Lakers—traded to the Philadelphia 76ers as a key component in a four-team blockbuster that ultimately ended in a whimper.

Bynum never played once in Philly, watching from the sidelines and resting his chronically aching knees, eventually having both joints scoped out to remove loose debris.

This season, he played 24 games with the Cleveland Cavaliers before being traded to the Chicago Bulls, where he was promptly waived. In February, he was signed by the Indiana Pacers, appearing in just two games before being dismissed.

Another comeback had ended in failure. And perhaps a career as well, for the 26 year-old former All-Star.

“How do the legs feel?” was the question. “Good enough to walk around on,” was the answer.

The conversation took place at LAX airport last week as the giant Bynum strolled from the concourse to the parking garage, followed by an insistent paparazzi for TMZ. The questions didn’t stop coming: “Are you a free agent now? Where are you hoping to land? Your home is in L.A., would you like to come home to L.A. or what?”

Bynum tossed back the kind of disinterested responses that turn into the written word. Asked whether he’d like to play for the Clippers or Lakers, he gave the only answer that a two-time champion with the Purple and Gold is likely to give, unless feeling an uncontrollable desire to be launched head first into death-by-media.


That was good for a couple days of breathless headlines. But wha...

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