Buying or Selling the Latest Los Angeles Lakers Rumors in 2015 NBA Free Agency

As of this writing, the Los Angeles Lakers have yet to make any moves in free agency.

Most of the big prizes are already gone, which leaves LaMarcus Aldridge—whom the Lakers have met with twice already—as the lone star left to make a decision.

In addition to pursuing Aldridge, L.A. must focus on signing role players to fill out and marginally improve the roster.

The rumor mill is still churning as we continue through the moratorium period. Let's play a little "buy or sell" with the latest Lakers scuttlebutt.


Lakers Still in the Mix for Aldridge

Marc Stein of reports that the free-agent forward will take some time to pause and reflect over all the pitches he has received from teams this week before finalizing his decision.

As much as Lakers fans want to cling to the hope of luring Aldridge to L.A., you have to sell this one.

The mere fact that the Lakers brass screwed up the first meeting so badly that they had to request a second one tells you all you need to know about how that will play out. 

Others—such as Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling—have already reported that Aldridge is no longer considering Los Angeles.

And really, why would he choose the Lakers over more promising situations like the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns?

The Spurs can offer him instantaneous championship aspirations, as adding someone of Aldridge's caliber would vault the 2014 champs to the top of the pile in the West—maybe even ahead of the Golden State Warriors.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, Aldridge would be The Man. With Tyson Chandler on board, the Suns look more appealing, and they have a dynamic young backcourt that is still improving and will keep the championship window open for a while.

All the Lakers can sell him on is the hope that they can find a second star...

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