Building the Ultimate Los Angeles Lakers Team

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most storied franchise in NBA history. In fact, they are almost the story of NBA history. They've been to one finals shy of half of all finals. They've won a quarter of all of them. On average, a two-year vacation from the finals is a real slump for Lakers fans.

When you start looking at the greatest players in NBA history, it's easier to pick the top 10 players who weren't ever Lakers than those who were. It's pretty easy to compose a top 10 list with six Lakers, and you could add even more to the top 20.

So when you build the ultimate Los Angeles Lakers team, there's a lot to chose from. This will be my third team that I've "built." The rules are simple: Take the best individual seasons to create the best possible team. Backups have to be different players. That's it. 

Here's the best Lakers team I could come up with. It's pretty lethal.  

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