Building the Perfect Starting 5 with LA Lakers’ All-Timers

The making of “best” lists is a dangerous proposition. It invites disagreement—especially given the number of great players who have donned the Los Angeles Lakers’ purple and gold.

You can sometimes broker an agreement by talking face-to-face with friends and fellow fans. But to commit such thoughts to a type-pad and send them out into cyberspace?

It’s simply courting disaster. But we all have our favorite players as well as opinions that have been formed over a lifetime of watching and sometimes playing a game we love. And sports fans are nothing if not opinionated.

Deciding on an all-time starting five is especially tricky due to the simplest of truths—a lot of the true greats played the same position. Do you choose Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Shaquille O’Neal at the center position? And is the choice made on an opinion of individual greatness or how somebody worked within a team structure?

There are also those who will switch players out of position in order to put the best of the best into some unlikely alignment. Not here. The players on this list will be considered at the positions that they played the majority of their careers at.

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