Building the Case for Andrew Bynum Being Superior to Dwight Howard

There aren't many Lakers fans who want to hear that acquiring Dwight Howard was a mistake, and—to be fair—there aren't many analysts who will tell them as much.

But that didn't stop the Philadelphia 76ers' Dorell Wright from saying just that (via ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky):

“[Bynum's] going to need two defenders to stop him; I would say he’s the best big man in the NBA right now, hands down,” said Wright, speaking at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. “He’s a guy that can give you baskets with his back to the basket; a guy who makes free throws at 7-feet. You’ve just got to respect him.” 

Now admittedly, Wright is coming from a biased perspective. The last thing he wants to do is say anything even remotely disparaging of his new teammate (and the 76ers' new franchise face).

All the same, there's some truth to his sentiment.

For all the hyperbolic chatter surrounding Howard, the very best arguments for taking him over Bynum rely almost exclusively on career numbers—a problematic tendency given that Bynum's very best and most injury-free campaign was 2011-12.

Arguments for Dwight overlook that. 

When it comes to durability going forward, sure, Howard's record of sustained success and health could very well be a sign of things to come.

We can't be entirely sure about that though. After all, it wasn't as if Kobe falling into Bynum's knee had anything to do with some chronic condition. It could just be that the guy got a bit unlucky early in his career.

Perhaps the tables will turn. Howard is the one coming off back surgery, and he's also the one who relies far more heavily on the kind of high-flying, explosive style of play that's far more likely to incur injury that a more deliberate post-game.

At the end of the day, gauging durability is a highly-speculat...

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