Bringing Back Ed Davis Next Season Is an Easy Decision for Los Angeles Lakers

There’s nothing particularly fancy about Ed Davis’s game, but bringing the 25-year-old big man back next season in free agency should be the easiest decision the Los Angeles Lakers have to make this offseason.  

The North Carolina product has been the epitome of a low-risk, high-reward player since being signed as a free agent last summer. The investment was minimal—just $981,084 for this season, with a player’s option of $1,100,602 for 2015-16—an option he's already said he'll decline, per Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News.

Those numbers are rock bottom, especially considering that Davis turned down a reported $20 million contract extension from the Memphis Grizzlies last season.

The Lakers’ small wager has paid off—for now. During a gloomy season that currently stands at 13-40, Davis has been a consistent bright spot regardless of the game's outcome.

But now, looking forward, management needs to up the ante.

Per Medina, Davis plans to opt out of his contract at the end of the season but only for one reason.

“I’m hoping for a long-term deal,” said Davis. “I’d love to return here. I know this will turn around eventually.”

And if there was any doubt as to the fifth-year player’s sincerity, he likely dispelled it by adding: “This is definitely my first option. They’re a team that gave me a look last summer when not too many teams were calling…Hopefully I can stay here for the rest of my career.”

Lakers coach Byron Scott seems on board with Davis, saying per Medina: “He plays hard and he knows his role. He does so many things to make himself better and to make us better.”

Now, the question becomes, what will it cost to keep him in L.A.?

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