Brian Shaw vs. Mike Brown: Was It Time for the L.A. Lakers to Kill the Triangle?

Some Los Angeles Lakers fans have embraced the surprise hiring of Mike Brown over Phil Jackson's assumed successor Brian Shaw, and a friend and fellow follower of the Lakers even compared it to going out on a blind date.

My friend said the anticipation of a fresh start and new direction creates an environment of excitement over the coming season, whenever that may be, which is similar to meeting a woman the first time.

The only issue I have with my friend's reasoning is there is nothing fresh or new in a courtship with Brown, and even though it may be a blind date for the Lakers, to use my friend's analogy, this girl has been around the block a few times.

Brown's previous coaching stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers provided Lakers fans a glimpse of what to expect when the games resume, which will mostly be a transition to an up-tempo offense and an aggressive, attacking defense.

The Lakers were already one of the NBA's top defensive and rebounding teams, but Brown will likely focus on creating more turnovers by assaulting the passing lanes and creating easy scoring opportunities in transition.

The slight change in defense will challenge the aging Lakers, but as a team, they are experienced and disciplined enough to adapt to the new atmosphere.

However, it may be a little more difficult for one of the NBA's oldest teams to adjust to an entirely new offensive philosophy.

Brown's dribble-drive motion offense has sent Tex Winter's creation and Jackson's innovation to the same fate as the dinosaurs, but I'm not sure the timing of the extinction was right.

Lakers team president Jim Buss' decision to hire Brown over Shaw was certainly a definitive move away from the Zen Master and all of his quirky tendencies, but it also may have ended any hopes of the Lakers reaching the 2012 NBA Finals.

It's a stretch to ask...

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