Brian Shaw or Byron Scott: Who Would Fans Rather See Replace Phil Jackson?

The 2010-11 NBA season is supposed to be the last for Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson. Assuming he does follow through on his promise to retire, who is best suited to assume the reins of leadership once he's gone?

The decision will likely end up being a matter of philosophical approach on the part of Lakers owner Jerry Buss and general manager Mitch Kupchak, and there appear to be two candidates who clearly speak to either extreme.

If the Lakers choose to continue the legacy of Jackson's triangle offense, the most likely choice for Kupchak and Buss would be top assistant Brian Shaw.

Shaw has dedicated his fledgling coaching career to Jackson's principles—namely, a strong defense and, even more importantly, the triangle offense.

Jackson's coaching philosophy has been very good to the Lakers franchise. As the saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." However, there is also the matter of Shaw's inexperience to consider.

Players like Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher are rumored to favor Shaw as Jackson's eventual replacement, but that could be because they were all former teammates.

It's one thing to establish an emotional connection to players, and something entirely different when you have to push those players' buttons to instill motivation or offer instruction.

How will veterans like Bryant or Fisher respond to Shaw in a crucial situation?

Issues like Shaw's youth will definitely be scrutinized, and if he is found lacking, the eyes of the Lakers front office may shift to former Lakers shooting guard Byron Scott.

Scott is currently the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers but the situation in Ohio has rapidly deteriorated since LeBron James' departure.

Scott was left with very few pieces to mount any type of serious playoff run in Cleveland, but does the James exception mean that Scott is safe after the Cavaliers' dreadful season...

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