Breaking Down Why Derek Fisher’s Return to L.A. Lakers Is a Long Shot

It is rare that a player builds a rapport with an organization that proves timeless in nature. More instances than not see a relationship built between the two sides that either deteriorates upon their departure or lasts up until retirement by virtue of their remaining together.

As Derek Fisher and the Los Angeles Lakers have shown us, however, it is never too late for second chances. Or, in this case, a third.

Fisher has won five NBA championships with the Lakers, starting at point guard in each of those seasons. In total, he has spent 13 years with the franchise since they drafted him in 1996.

As fate would only have it, however, those years have been split into two separate stints.

Fish was with the team from 1996 to 2004 before leaving for three years to play with the Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz. His second stint began in 2007 and lasted until March of 2012, when he was traded to the Houston Rockets for center Jordan Hill (via Yahoo! Sports).

Just seven months later, Fisher finds himself on the free agent market with speculation surrounding his future with, you guessed it, the Los Angeles Lakers. His re-signing would mark his third tenure with the franchise.

It would also mark an impossibility coming to fruition. In other words, Derek Fisher will not be rejoining the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012-13.


Depth Already Present

The Los Angeles Lakers of 2012-13 are not the team that Derek Fisher grew accustomed to playing for. There is no gaping void at point guard as there had been for the past decade, which beckons the question of where he'd fit in.

Steve Nash is the unquestioned starter. If anyone were to suggest that Fisher would give him a run for his job, they'd need to take a step back and reevaluate what they know about basketball as an art and business.

They'd also have to explain whether or not they'd ever seen Nash play.

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