Breaking Down What Dwight Howard Can Learn from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

For all the fanfare generated by Dwight Howard's relocation, Los Angeles Lakers fans have some perfectly understandable concerns.

Will he remain a Laker beyond this season? Will he adjust to his role on a team with so many scoring options? Will he develop into the kind of player who could lead Los Angeles whenever Kobe Bryant decides to call it quits?

Those kind of open questions were addressed at least in part by D12's recent meeting with the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, after which Howard tweeted:

Just set down with @kaj33. Man God is so good. Was in tears. What a blessing. This is like a dream come true. Go Lakers.

— Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward) September 3, 2012 Yes, the indications that Howard may be planning a long-term relationship with the Lakers is good news, but his apparent interest in working with Abdul-Jabbar to improve his game is even better news.

According to ESPN LA's Arash Markazi, Howard's relationship with the iconic center could go beyond the occasional meet and greet:

Howard was asked if he was going to work out with Abdul-Jabbar. "I am," Howard responded. "When I am released."

After six appearances in the All-Star game and three Defensive Player of the Year awards, it might seem like the big man doesn't have much left to learn. 

On the contrary, though, Howard's best days may very well be ahead of him–especially if he has the right kind of support. 

He worked with Hakeem Olajuwon back in the summer of 2010, attempting to hone his post game and add some moves to his repertoire. Howard's strength and athletic ability have never been in question, but his interest in improving his skill set in the painted area is well-founded.

For all his physical tools, Howard really doesn't have much scoring ability more than a few feet from the basket.

Abdul-Jabbar will almost certainly build...

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