Breaking Down the Kevin Love to Los Angeles Lakers Connection


If there's one question worth asking about Kevin Love's connection with the Los Angeles Lakers, it's "Why?"

Rumors have linked the two parties for some time—a long time. It's bizarre how often they've been looped together. It's even obnoxious.

More than a year before Love hits free agency, he's already being fitted in purple and gold by so many. His arrival is considered inevitable.

One general manager even told ESPN Insider's Chris Broussard (subscription required) that Love to Los Angeles is a "100 percent certainty." That was in January, nearly 18 months ahead of Love hitting the open market.

Like I said, it's obnoxious. 

LeBron James isn't facing that kind of predetermined future, nor has he ever. Neither has Carmelo Anthony. No free-agent-to-be in recent memory has been associated with one potential suitor as much as Love and the Lakers. And it's about time we asked, "Why?"

Why Love? Why the Lakers? 

Why is Love consistently considered part of the Lakers' future when he's still under contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves?


California Connection

Flog, meet dead horse. Go crazy.

Love's California ties have been dissected and sensationalized to no end. He was born in Santa Montica, attended UCLA and has played beach volleyball at least once. 

That must mean he's going to sign with the Lakers in 2015, right?



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