Breaking Down the Insanity Behind Rekindled Dwight Howard Trade Rumors

Dwight Howard is preparing to star in the Dwightmare Part Two.

Except that he's not.

Per Jarrod Rudolph of, the Brooklyn Nets are preparing to make yet another run at the All-Star center:

The Brooklyn Nets are preparing to make another run at Dwight Howard, according to a source.

Playing in Brooklyn with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson was at the top of Howard’s list last summer and the Nets are convinced that he still has a strong desire to make the Barclays Center his home office. The Nets have played well under P.J. Carlesimo and feel like the addition of Howard could be the piece that gets them to the NBA Finals. 

Nets general manager Billy King has closely monitored the struggling Lakers and quietly searched for a third team with an attractive piece that would help facilitate a trade that would deliver Howard to the Nets, according to sources. 

In other news, my sources tell me that common sense and general logic have taken a severe a hit within the confines of the Barclays Center.

Of all the insanity currently surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers, this is by far the most absurd rumor, even more than the proposed Dirk Nowitzki-for-Howard swap.

Moving beyond the obvious—barring a trade demand, Howard isn't going anywhere—who are the Nets going to deal in exchange for Los Angeles' big man? On a roster chock full of handsomely paid stars and on behalf of a team with little to no financial flexibility, what type of proposal is Brooklyn preparing?

Deron Williams is obviously off limits and while the Nets would gladly ship out Brook Lopez, he solves absolutely nothing in Los Angeles. At all.

Joe Johnson has had success under Mike D'Antoni before, but that was eight years and hundreds of millions of dollars ago. The Lakers aren't about to take on his albatross of a contract while at the same time destroying any hope they...

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