Breaking Down Steve Nash’s New Role If Kobe Bryant Is Distributor

The Los Angeles Lakers have won two games in a row, and it's thanks in large part to Kobe Bryant taking over the role of facilitator, leaving us wondering what Steve Nash's role is with the offense when Kobe is in pass-first mode.

With a 102-84 win over the Utah Jazz followed by a 105-96 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team was incredibly involved in the offense, and Kobe walked away with 14 assists in each of the big wins.

After wins like those, it's easy to tell Kobe to keep doing what he's doing because it's obviously working.

The only problem that stems from Kobe's new role as the team's main distributor is that it seemingly minimizes Nash's role, as he was supposed to be coming into Los Angeles in order to give the team a centralized locale for ball distribution:

Lakers 2-0 when Kobe Bryant borrows Steve Nash's soul.

— Tom Ziller (@teamziller) January 27, 2013 Over the course of the season, Nash has averaged 11.5 points and 8.1 assists, all while taking just under nine shots a game.

In the last two games in which Kobe has become the team's main distributor, Nash has averaged 15 points but just 3.5 assists, taking 11 shots in each game.

There's a stark contrast in his role, and he seems to be fine with it.

So, is that what Nash is going to be for the Lakers moving forward? Just another spot-up shooter who can work off the dribble from time to time? Or is there something else in store for Nash in the coming weeks with "Magic" Bryant?

Presently, what we're looking at with Nash is him standing around the three-point line, waiting for the collapse of the defense and then spotting up to shoot if and when the ball gets reversed to him out on the three-point line.

Basically, something like this:

If the three-point shot isn't there, and Kobe is getting cut off before he's able to make his way into the ...

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