Breaking Down LA Lakers’ Most Likely 2014 NBA Free-Agency Moves

The playoffs are meaningless for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.

For Lakers Nation, it's all about the future.

Last week we covered the first major offseason event—the NBA draft.

This week we'll take a broad look at what the organization's strategy will be during the 2014 NBA free-agency period.

It's a three-pronged approach, beginning with the biggest and most obvious dilemma, which is...


Finding a Head Coach

The first and most important step for the Lakers to take is to find a replacement for Mike D'Antoni.

It's impossible to stress enough how vital it is to select the right man for the job.

Stability breeds a positive, winning culture.

Lakers fans know this because all the success brought to them by the brilliant cohesion of Phil Jackson, Mitch Kupchak and Dr. Jerry Buss is still fresh in their memories.

Two-thirds of that equation are gone, and the franchise has suffered because of it.

Though their last championship came just four years ago, L.A. is about to play under its fourth different head coach since that 2010 triumph.

They need to make sure that whomever they bring in can not only help during the rebuilding phase, but can grow with the team and be prepared to lead them back to glory when all the pieces are in place. 

The list of possible candidates is extravagant, with former Denver Nuggets coach George Karl the latest to be tacked on, as reported by Eric Pincus on

Choosing a new head coach is always a speculative exercise—even more so when the roster is in such a state of flux.

A key factor in the decision should be to find someone whose success won't hinge on the players fitting perfectly into his particular philosophy.

Rather, L.A. should target a boss capable of adapting his system to cater to the stre...

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