Breaking Down LA Lakers’ Ideal 5-Man Lineup

The Los Angeles Lakers have played numerous combinations of five-man lineups during the 2013-14 campaign and thus, one can only wonder which unit is the most ideal.

We will have a look at the best statistical groupings and determine whether to expect them to hold course, improve or possibly regress. Also, given that we are roughly a quarter through the regular season, we will only look at quintets that have played a minimum of 20 minutes together.

The sample size is relatively small, which is why the 20-minute cutoff was better suited. We do not want to focus on any five-man units that played a low amount of minutes against potentially garbage-time (at the end of games when the contest is all but decided because of the scoring margin) lineups.

One last tidbit of note: Kobe Bryant will not factor into these lineups given that the time he has spent on the floor does not meet the time criteria listed above.

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