Breaking Down How Steve Nash Will Allow Kobe Bryant to Operate on the Perimeter

The question surrounding the Lakers right now isn’t about whether or not Dwight Howard’s back will be okay or if the Lakers have the bench to complement the stars, but how will Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant coexist on the basketball court?

There was a moment during the Lakers’ Media Day that sent everybody into a laughing fit.

Kobe Bryant claimed he doesn’t like having the ball. (via

“Here’s the thing: Some people are just very, very dumb. I keep hearing it from some people that I just want to score and that other stuff. Nobody has won more championships than me in my entire generation. I’ve got five of them. You can’t be selfish and win one championship, let alone five. That argument should be in the coffin by now. I don’t like having the ball.”

 It’s that last sentence that really delivered the funny. Kobe Bryant, he is the seventh player with most field goal attempts ever and the fifth with most points of all time, claiming that he doesn’t like having the ball.

It sent Twitter into a mocking session and everybody seemed to just dismiss this as Kobe trying to play with the media and pundits that claim he might not be comfortable sharing the ball in the backcourt with Steve Nash.

While I don’t necessarily believe Kobe when he says he doesn’t like having the ball, I do believe what I’m assuming when I read those comments that he doesn’t like having to create everything for his team.

Kobe is not a dumb guy; he knows the more attention he draws from the defense, the harder it is for him to score. Doesn’t mean he can’t score, but he isn’t able to conserve as much energy for tight moments as he would like to do.

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