Breaking Down How Dwight Howard Can Cement LA Lakers Legacy Forever

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard may be in the midst of a disappointing season with the Lakers, but he still has an opportunity to etch his name alongside the great players who have manned his position throughout Lakers' history. But Howard has to improve his offensive post game and free-throw shooting first.

Howard's strength, athleticism and timing arguably gives him an advantage over the likes of Kareem, Chamberlain, O'Neal and Mikan when it comes to defense, but his limited offensive game in the paint is not even comparable to those legends.

In fact, former Lakers' center Andrew Bynum was a much better offensive player in the post than Howard, and he has a couple of rings as well.

The one constant in the Lakers' glorious championship history has been the presence of an elite scorer at the center position, and while Howard does get his points, can you count on him to deliver offensively with the game on the line?

Howard doesn't have Wilt's grace, Kareem's sky-hook, Shaq's footwork or Mikan's wile, and when you put him on the free-throw line Howard becomes an even greater liability.

Sure, Wilt and O'Neal were pretty horrible from the charity stripe as well, but they could also deliver crucial baskets at critical moments on the strength of their skill.

Howard hasn't reached that point, and unless he commits to Los Angeles, he never will.

Declaring his loyalty to the Lakers' history and pursuit of greatness would be the first step in cementing Howard's legacy as a Laker, and adding a few moves to his arsenal would complete the task.

It's almost a shame to think that a player with Howard's physical gifts would have an offensive game that's limited to a few hook shots while crossing the lane.

Imagine what type of player Howard could be if his quickness was punctuated by a consistent spin move or if he could consistently shoot with either...

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