Breaking Down Everything You Need to Know About Lakers’ Xavier Henry

Raise your hand if you had Xavier Henry leading the Los Angeles Lakers in scoring on opening night and putting up more points than any one player on the Los Angeles Clippers.

If your hand is in the air, put it down please.

You're lying.  

Henry didn't even start the game for L.A., and he's a young journeyman who came over to the Staples Center after signing a one-year deal for a minimum salary. It's not like he was supposed to do this on national television against a Doc Rivers defense, even if he put up points in bunches throughout the preseason. 

So, who is Xavier Henry? 

His name probably isn't familiar to you unless you've been a diehard NBA fan willing to torture yourself by watching New Orleans Hornets games ever since Chris Paul left the team. It's not like Henry has been relevant for the purposes of fantasy basketball, and he hasn't found himself featured on SportsCenter very much. 

And yet, despite his ability to fly under the radar, it didn't take long for him to emerge as a need-to-know name. 


Highly Touted before the NBA

Think back to 2009, which is a scary number of years back into the past now.

It's a time that The Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga completely dominated the Billboard Top 100, and "Avatar" was the top-grossing movie of the year. LeBron James won his first MVP, and Derrick Rose was a precocious young point guard out of Memphis who took home Rookie of the Year honors. 

Oh, and Henry was a highly touted high school prospect from Oklahoma City being recruited out of Putnam City by Kansas (his ultimate destination), Kentucky and Memphis. And when I say "highly touted," I mean that Rivals listed him as the No. 3 shooting guard in the class and the No. 8 player overall. Here were the top 10 that year: 

John Wall DeMarcus Cousin...

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