Brandon Ingram on His NBA Future: ‘I Don’t Think I Have a Ceiling’

Before Brandon Ingram makes his NBA debut, a rabid Los Angeles Lakers fanbase has already stacked an unreasonable amount of pressure on his willowy frame. The 18-year-old is expected to serve as both a positionless savior and the immediate bridge to a fresh era of prosperity, joining an organization that won just 17 games this past season and is taking baby steps into a post-Kobe Bryant universe.

And he could not be less afraid. The hype is deserved and the stress is welcomed. Drafted second overall last week, Ingram has watched his stock rise higher than a weather balloon over the past 12 months. He's more than ready.

With the Lakers (and their fans) now focused on free agency, Ingram took a few minutes out of his schedule to talk with Bleacher Report about what he thinks of those Hassan Whiteside and Al Horford rumors's Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne are reporting, why he can play a little point guard and more. 


Bleacher Report: What has life been like since the draft? 

Brandon Ingram: Just me being in the gym all the time. It hasn’t changed much. A lot of people have hit me up for support, of course, just telling me congratulations. But most of my time has been with family and being in the gym. I’m in North Carolina. 


B/R: How do you plan to spend the rest of your summer, after Las Vegas Summer League?

Ingram: Still working out. Just keep on working out and getting ready toward next season. Working on some of my weaknesses and of course working on the things that I do well. So, just continue to do what I’m doing now, just boost it up a notch and go even harder. 


B/R: Have you spoken to any current Lakers? D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, etc.?

Ingram: I’ve talked to...I’ve been texting with ...

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