Biggest Pro and Con of Each Top Los Angeles Lakers Head Coaching Candidate

The Los Angeles Lakers appear to be in no hurry when it comes to identifying their next head coach. 

After all, the list of possible candidates is only growing. You name a coach without a job, and he's probably on the Lake Show's radar. Hell, you can name coaches with jobs, and they may still be on what has quickly started to become a roster the length of a typical shopping list for a family with eight kids and three dogs. 

ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin looked into the details of this search, and he came up with quite a few names of candidates who have already been linked to the job.

They can be broken down into five categories: 

The Big Names Without Coaching Jobs College Coaches Players Turned Coaches (With No Experience) Veteran Coaches Without the "Big Name" Factor Still Employed by NBA Teams Each category has multiple candidates, and each candidate has multiple pros and cons. No coach is perfect, after all. 

Finding the right man for the job is all about balancing those pros with the cons, so in an effort to help you identify your desired candidate, I'll be presenting the most notable plus and minus for each candidate. 

The ultimate decision is up to you. Well, until the Lakers actually make the official one sometime this offseason. 

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