Biggest Factors That Could Influence Dwight Howard’s Free-Agent Decision

Dwight Howard, your chariot awaits—just as soon as you pick which one you'll be boarding.

The second half of the Dwightmare is upon us, and as Howard continues to be courted by a number of interested teams, the time for a another decision is nearing.

At some point, Howard will have to put down the knife, fork and glasses of wine that are being used sell him on future plans of grandeur and decide what locale he'll call home for presumably the next four or five years.

Will he return to the Los Angeles Lakers, or will he spurn them in favor of a younger contingent with fuller facial hair? Or will he sign with one of the remaining dark horses, surprising just about everyone?

Once the incessant pitches and ceremonial butt-kissing concludes, Howard will have all the information necessary to make what we hope won't be another impulsive decision.

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