Best Potential Veteran Minimum Free-Agent Options for LA Lakers

There's still time for the Los Angeles Lakers to make some noise that doesn't consist of them losing out on Dwight Howard this summer.

Already looking like they're going to be running with an interesting group of players, the Lakers are still in need of another body or two (or three) to complete their roster.

Most of the big-name free agents not-named Brandon Jennings have already signed their newly minted contracts, though it wouldn't have mattered if they hadn't. The Lakers have nothing more than the minimum salary allowed to offer.

Immediately upon reading the word 'minimum,' you know Los Angeles' options are limited. Realistic possibilities are also further restricted courtesy of a shallow pool of remaining talent and the expectations the organization is still held to.

The Lakers can't just sign drones for the sake of signing them, after all. They're the Lakers. Assembling a roster to the best of their ability is what they do, even when attention has turned to the summer of 2014, and all the LeBron James goodness it has to offer.

Before the Lakers can embark on what will be a franchise-defining overhaul in roughly one year's time, they have to play out the season in front of them first. And that begins with them pillaging through any and all the available talent, in hopes of finding the perfect fit.

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