Best Potential Steve Nash Replacement Options at Point Guard for LA Lakers

It's hard to say it, but Steve Nash is a shell of his former self. The mind is still willing, but the body is not.

Nash has been able to eke out a few gutsy performances just by relying on instincts, but on most nights as of late, he's made getting up and down the floor look like a painful chore. After all these years, Nash's back looks like it has finally quit on him. Our own Kevin Ding:

The culmination of Nash's injuries all comes at a time where the Lakers have been hit hard with health issues and by reality over the last few months.

Kobe Bryant might be the hardest-working athlete we've ever seen in the NBA, but he remains sidelined when many predicted he'd already be playing again. Age and injuries are a toxic mix, as we've seen, and there's a reason why Father Time remains undefeated, even against some of the greatest athletes to ever suit up.

Without Kobe able to play yet, who will bail the Lakers out of this mess?

In the past, perhaps general manager Mitch Kupchak would ride in and save the day with a wild trade out of nowhere, but that well is probably already dry. The Lakers can't deal a first-round draft pick until 2019 thanks to previous trades for Dwight Howard and Nash, and most of the players who could be trade assets are already long gone. 

Nash, meanwhile, almost certainly can't be dealt given his health status. Due $9.7 million next season, Nash's value will be directly tied to his expiring contract next year and not to what he can provide on the floor.

Of course, that's if Nash doesn't retire at age 40, which at least seems like a reasonable possibility given everything that's happening now.

Pau Gasol could be dealt, but the Lakers likely don't want to bring back any salary with a big free-agent class looming.

A deal exchanging expiring contracts would likely be the only option for Gasol, but it's hard to imagine any s...

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