Best Potential Free-Agent Fits for LA Lakers to Round out Roster Before 2013-14

The Los Angeles Lakers still have some work to do.

Signing Shawne Williams and Xavier Henry has put Los Angeles' roster at 14 players, one short of the 15-player limit. Though the Lakers may leave that 15th and final slot open to address any sudden needs during the regular season, there's still a chance they add one more player to the docket.

Two-plus months into the offseason, there isn't much available in terms of impact players. What the Lakers are looking at now is the bottom of the barrel, remaining slag from the NBA's free-agent festivities.

No player they sign now, or relatively soon, will transform them from a fringe playoff contender into a championship outfit. Chances are whoever they land will have a marginal effect on their plans at best.

But that doesn't make rounding out the personnel any less important. If the Lakers elect to sign one more player, they must find the right fit, someone who can contribute if called upon.

Someone who satisfies one or more of the needs their roster still has.

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