Best LA Lakers Options for Steve Nash Situation

Steve Nash’s age and injuries will force the Los Angeles Lakers to think long and hard about the options at their disposal involving him.

The Purple and Gold acquired the two-time league MVP in the 2012 offseason and figured they would get something resembling a borderline-elite-level point guard. Instead, they had a player who missed 32 regular-season games and ceded the entire control of the offense over to Kobe Bryant.

Heading into the 2013-14 season, it was assumed that he would bounce back and look like an above-average floor general, but his health has betrayed him once again. Consequently, Mitch Kupchak must decide what path awaits the former Phoenix Sun.


Waiving Steve Nash

The Los Angeles Lakers can opt to cut Nash and potentially allow him to become a free agent if he clears waivers. The organization would still have to pay him his salary of $9.3 million for 2013-14 according to Sham Sports, but it would open up a roster spot for another player.

More importantly, this move creates an added benefit at the conclusion of the campaign. Waiving Nash gives the Lakers the possibility to use the stretch provision on his contract. For those unfamiliar with it, Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ outlines the specifics:

If the player is waived from September 1 to June 30, then the current season is paid per the normal payment schedule, and any remaining years are stretched over twice the number of years remaining plus one as described above. For example, if the player is waived on December 1 with two seasons remaining on his contract at $10.2 million and $10.5 million, respectively, then the current season (at $10.2 million) is paid normally, and the final season (at $10.5 million) is stretched over three years (one season times two, plus one) and paid in even amounts of $3.5 million per year.

Thus, the Lakers get the opportunity to compensate Nash with smaller paym...

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