Battle: Los Angeles, NBA-Style—6 Trap Games Remaining for Los Angeles Lakers

The infallible Yahoo! Answers defines a trap game as one "that is played before or after a tough or rival opponent. Teams have a tendency to look past an opponent preparing for the following week's game, or have a letdown after beating a tough or rival opponent."

One of the hallmarks of the Los Angeles Lakers is falling into trap games.  

This season, there already have been trap game losses to Indiana, Milwaukee, LA Clippers, Sacramento, Charlotte and Cleveland.  

Yes, it's hard to believe that a third of the Lakers' losses this season have come to that group of bumbling teams, but the trap games can get the best of any elite team on any given night.

The Lakers are in a heated race for positioning in the Western Conference playoff picture. Interspersed with crucial games are easily-overlooked games that Phil Jackson's squad will be foolish to sleepwalk through.  

Here are six potential trap games remaining on the Lakers schedule.

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