Bashing Kobe Bryant’s Game Or Legacy Will Not Make Your Favorite Player Better

Most NBA fans generally agree that Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade are the league's top players, however their order has been the subject of countless articles and opinions.

There will never be a clear consensus on who the game's top player really is, nevertheless fans of each player have resorted to a politician's ruse in order to prove their point.

Just check the political climate today.

A major national election is quickly approaching and the airwaves are filled with numerous ads that choose to disparage political rivals, rather than tout a particular candidate's policies and ideas.

Instead of offering solid reasons as to why one candidate may be a better choice, the debate usually devolves into mud-slinging and smear campaigns that keep the public uninformed about the real issues.

In the NBA, the game may be different but many of the tactics are the same, and I'm not entirely surprised to find that Bryant often finds himself on the receiving end of the majority of fan bashing.

Bryant is the object of disdain for numerous fans but at least the ones unaffiliated with either James or Wade are honest.

Non-James or Wade fans that hate Bryant are still perceptive enough to understand what his talent has meant to the game in general, and even though they may not like him, they respect his legacy.

On the other hand, some fans of Wade and James show no such respect and their blind allegiance has led to the practice of relentlessly bashing Bryant in hopes of making their favorite player look better.

In a manner that rivals political sensationalism, some fans have even resorted to statements and theories that are so ridiculous it's hard to really take them seriously.

For instance, there are many observers who think Bryant is grossly overrated, and they are correct, because few of our heroes on the basketball court really fit that des...

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