Are LA Lakers’ Public Pleas to Dwight Howard Pathetic or Necessary?

There's nothing wrong with the Los Angeles Lakers showing Dwight Howard a little tender loving care.

Perceiving the Lakers to be above such recruiting measures is ridiculous. NBA teams cater to the needs and wants of superstars, especially the ones being courted by other teams.

But have the Lakers perhaps taken their wooing of Superman too far? Has their pursuit exceeded the realm of necessity and approached pathetic?

Our inquiry is a fair one. Los Angeles really has gone above and beyond in its attempt to retain Howard—more than anyone ever would have expected.

First, there was a series of billboards, one of which was plastered across the Staples Center like the Buss family was preparing to re-name it Dwight Howard's Lair.

Then there was the sequence of satirical advertising that sent those unfamiliar with Photoshop into a frenzy.

For most teams, that would have been enough. Historically, for the Lakers, it was more than enough. Yet they weren't done.

According to Arash Markazi of ESPN Los Angeles, Dwight is also being sold on the possibility of a television show with Time Warner should he return.

As if the appeal of becoming a bigger TV star than Chris Bosh isn't enough, overtures are being made by Lakers legends on Los Angeles' behalf.

Phil Jackson's cryptic blues references can be vexing, but they're aimed at convincing Howard to re-up with the team he coached to five championships.

Objectivity has never been a strong suit of Magic Johnson's either. He's been openly pleading with the behemoth to make his return.

The notorious Jack Nicholson has rolled out the red carpet for Howard as well.

Not sure what it is exactly he tried to sell Howard on. Perhaps he promised never to leave a Lakers game early again. Either way, a bit of extra star power never hu...

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