Antawn Jamison Will Be the Key to a Successful Los Angeles Lakers Season

Superman has finally landed in Hollywood, and it is once again a time for Laker fans to rejoice. But in order for Clark Kent (Dwight Howard) to embrace his new city, he needs help from his fellow teammates. 

With the acquisition of future Hall-of-Famer in Steve Nash and now Dwight Howard, it is easy for the world to envision a Heat-Laker finals showdown—but nothing is set in stone until June, and for good reason. 

The Lakers still need a lot of factors to go in their favor if they want to reach the level of play they have been striving for ever since they got swept by the Dallas Mavericks only a mere two seasons ago. Laker fans strive for one thing and one thing only, and that is winning a championship—which will require perfection, something this current team is capable of accomplishing. 

If you haven't heard already, the defending world champions Miami Heat have done a little adding on as well. With the signings of arguably the best three-point shooter of all-time in Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, last year's champions have only gotten that much better. 

The Lakers will need to one-up the Heat in that regard with their recent signings, and that doesn't begin with their superstars—it begins with their role players. 

It has been a natural tendency for the fans to focus all their attention towards Nash and now Howard, but if you haven't realized yet, a team cannot win a championship without a strong rotation of about eight players—something the Lakers have struggled to form after letting go of Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown. 

Now that the Lakers have Antawn Jamison, Jodie Meeks, and Chris Duhon, the sky is the limit for them to have something they haven't had in a very long time: a complete team. 

Everybody has been questioning the Lakers age and lack of perimeter shooting, but that might not be as big a problem as it may seem ...

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