Andrew Goudelock, Darius Morris: Which Rookie Makes the LA Lakers Roster First?

There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Lakers must upgrade at the point guard position in order to return to the NBA Finals, and the decision to draft Darius Morris and Andrew Goudelock with their first two picks of the 2011 NBA draft is definitely a step in the right direction.

Morris and Goudelock each bring their own distinctive set of talent and ability to the Lakers, but a franchise must always approach a second round pick with a little caution, especially if it's a point guard.

The lead guard is arguably the most difficult position to play on the court, because not only are you responsible for directing the team's offensive attack, but you are usually the first line of defense in transition and at the point of attack.

There are few players entering the NBA from the college arena who are mentally and physically prepared to star in their rookie seasons, and that sentiment applies doubly when considering point guards.

The NBA has seen its fair share of elite point guards enter the league in recent seasons, but New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams and New Orleans Hornets captain Chris Paul may have been the most NBA-ready rookies to enter the league in years.

In terms of potential Goudelock and Morris are not even on the same plane of existence as Paul and Williams, since stardom was predicted for each of those players before they had even played an NBA minute.

 Goudelock and Morris do have some of the same qualities as Paul and Williams, but can either player show enough development in their game in the face of the NBA lockout, to make the Lakers regular season roster?

There are a couple of factors that are favorable to Goudelock and Morris and the two most important may be the Lakers recent head coaching change, and the fact that point guard is such a question mark for the team.

Neither Goudelock or Morris stood much of a chance playing unde...

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