Andrew Bynum’s Attitude Will Force Lakers’ Hand in the Offseason

There's no doubting that Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum is having a great year on the court. As the Lakers prepare to make a push for the NBA championship, Bynum will be a major part of any success they will or won't have in the postseason.

There's also no doubting the fact that Bynum has been a major distraction for the team as his attitude and immature behavior on and off the court have caused problems in the recent weeks.

The Bynum soap opera can only end in two different ways and it will be Bynum who forces the Lakers' hand in the long run.

If Bynum's poor attitude continues and he continues to show that he will never grow up as a person, the Lakers will have no choice but to eventually try and move him. Before long he will become way too big of a locker room distraction and will eventually become a cancer.

By continuing to act in the fashion he has, the Lakers would be wise to attempt to move him while his value is the highest.

But if Bynum's attitude changes and he focuses on nothing but being the dominant big man he already is, the sky is the limit on the level he can reach as a player.

He scored 36 points on an impressive 13-of-20 from the floor, and grabbed eight rebounds in a big statement over the Clippers. There was no drama last night. No altercations. Just dominating basketball.

A focused Bynum without an attitude problem can force the Lakers into something else all together.

That's worth committing to him with a long-term contract.

That's more along the lines of what general Mitch Kupchak would like to do, but he has to be careful and make sure that Bynum is going to be committed to the length of the deal.

It's really all up to Bynum how everything plays out.

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