Andrew Bynum: Trade Rumors About the LA Lakers Center Are Getting Old


This past Monday, on 710 ESPN Los Angeles, the new 10 am-2 pm sports talk show host, Max Kellerman, devoted time with his commentary, and subsequent callers, to the topic of whether or not the Lakers should trade Andrew Bynum. 

A multitude of calls flooded 710 ESPN's call-in lines.  I know because I was one of the callers who tried for 20 minutes, but couldn't get through. 

I'm sure many of you have wanted to express your feelings about a topic or subject that you feel strongly about.  It's what makes sports talk radio the success it is.

In this case, while Max presented a topic for discussion that evoked controversy, he also "teased" the audience by saying he would give away a Langer's Deli gift certificate worth $107.10 to the caller he judged to have the best call-in response.

If you've ever watched Kellerman on HBO's boxing telecasts or "Around The Horn," he comes across as knowledgeable, witty, concise, confrontational, and egocentric. 

He epitomizes the fast-talking, New York ''sharpie," a combination of smart ass and smart guy.

The "fly-overs", i.e. everyone living between New York and LA, would most likely find him too cocky, too abrasive, and too "talky."  Kansas City or Indianapolis would NOT be a good working environment for his style.

But in LA, there are enough East coast transplants for his "talk over you" style to work, along with a plethora of controversial topics and subjects to explore.

Andrew Bynum is one of those controversial subjects.  Questions abound.  Is he truly injury-prone?  Will he be injury-free long enough, career-wise, for the Lakers to fully reap the benefits he can provide? 

Should they trade him for a young superstar talent such as Carmelo Anthony?

The "trade Bynum" questi...

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