Andrew Bynum Goes Down, but the Los Angeles Lakers Will Not During the Playoffs

After hearing about the tragic news about Andrew Bynum hyper-extending one of his surgically repaired knees during a contest against their heated rival, the San Antonio Spurs, I assumed I would be witnessing the images of angry fans storming the streets of Los Angeles, flipping over vehicles, smashing the windows of shops and looting their merchandise, and the everlasting images of them throwing their Lakers jerseys into a pit of fire on the news.

Surprisingly, as I searched across the web and as I flipped through the channels on my television, their were not any breaking news on CNN or Fox News in regards to these specific incidents.  

There was not any need for a state of emergency because it was quiet on the streets of L.A.

Shouldn't Los Angeles be falling apart after losing an essential part of their gloried Lakers team?

Are you kidding me?

If I were in Los Angeles, I would be kicking it back and sipping from my cafe-latte while waiting for the NBA Finals to begin.

These fans are not worried about their team because they know the Lakers will be right there at the end as usual.

It's a tradition and it's expected the Lakers are going to be playing in the Finals no matter what catastrophic event occurs.

The Lakers have dealt with adversity before and this new scenario with the possibility of being without Bynum yet again is starting to become the norm.

It's something the Lakers have dealt with annually and they never have been rattled each time Bynum has gone down.

The Lakers know how to respond to a "Bynum-occurrence" because they have such a great nucleus of players on their team.

Bynum is an exceptional player, but to say the Lakers are out of contention to win the NBA championship is ludicrous.

The Lakers have won without Bynum in the past and they will continue to do so duri...

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