Andrew Bynum for Carmelo Anthony: Could This Work for the LA Lakers?

The Denver Nuggets have apparently realized that their chances of retaining Carmelo Anthony are slim, as evidenced by the recent announcement that they are open to trade ideas from other teams.

The New York Knicks appear to be the front-runner in the race to land Anthony's services, but that may depend on how much weight Anthony's new bride holds in his decision.

Anthony's wife LaLa, recently revealed on the couple's new reality show that she considers Los Angeles to be home, and she is more than comfortable with life in the City of Angels.

This would seem to give the Lakers an outside chance of trading for Anthony, but would they be willing to part with center Andrew Bynum in order to make a deal work?

It's unlikely that Denver would be willing to trade Anthony to another Western Conference team, but what other franchise could offer a player as attractive as Bynum?

New York, Chicago, and New Jersey are all rumored destinations for Anthony, and none of those teams have a player that holds as much trade value as Bynum.

But would the Lakers be willing to forfeit Bynum's youth and possibly their status as the NBA's top front court in order to land Anthony?

At first glance the decision seems to be an easy one because no team in their right mind would pass on a chance to land Anthony, but true NBA centers are a pretty rare commodity.

Bynum's presence in the middle along with Pau Gasol creates an advantage for the Lakers that few teams can match, and I'm not convinced Anthony is worth relinquishing that edge.

Sure, a combination of Kobe Bryant and Anthony is appealing, but the formula Los Angeles has established has them firmly in the hunt for a third consecutive NBA championship.

So why rock the boat?

The Lakers will eventually have to think about adding another All-Star caliber player, considering Bryant's time as an elite pl...

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