Analyzing How Lakers Will Use Princeton Offense with Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant

Hamstrung by a complete coaching staff overhaul and an offseason debilitated by a lengthy lockout, the Los Angeles Lakers' offensive strategy this past season amounted to little more than: "I don't know, give the ball to Kobe. He'll figure it out."

That should all change next season. Speaking with Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, Bryant revealed that the Lakers will shift to the hallowed Princeton offense next season at the guard's behest:

It's a great offense. It's exactly what we need. It takes us back to being able to play by making reads and reacting to defenses. It takes a great deal of communication, but that's where we're at our best: Reading and reacting as opposed to just coming down and calling sets. Calling sets make you vulnerable.

The switch to the Princeton offense won't be too much of a stretch for Bryant, as some of the basic principles relate to Phil Jackson's vaunted triangle.

But for new Lakers point guard Steve Nash, his move will mark a massive change in philosophy. Nash spent the last eight seasons as the Peyton Manning of the Phoenix Suns offense, and running a high-tempo attack will need to adjust to a far more structured flow.

How will the Lakers new offense look with Nash and Bryant at the helm? Here's a breakdown of the new-look L.A. offense.


An Emphasis on Fluidity

At almost no point while running the Princeton offense should any of the Lakers be at a standstill.

From the moment Nash dribbles the ball up the court, everyone has a cutting, screening or ball-handling responsibility.

As you can see in the accompanying breakdown video, the Princeton is a complicated offense where everyone must know their responsibilities for it to work. Without correct timing from cuts and flashing big men, the ball handlers will lack the necessary space to operate.

Installing this offense requires a roster of players w...

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