An Oral History of Metta World Peace’s Days with the Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers amnestied Metta World Peace on July 11, putting an end to a four-year run that was marked by success, violence and truly bizarre sound bites in equal measure.

It marks an end of sorts for the Lakers, as the team's free-spending ways have finally run up against the collective bargaining agreement in a way that produced a real victim. If not for the looming tax penalty, World Peace would almost certainly be suiting up for the Purple and Gold next year.

Without getting too sentimental, MWP is still going to collect his money, after all, now seems like a good time to go back through the treasure trove of quotable quips and memorable moments of World Peace's time with the Lakers.

Buckle up; it's gonna get weird.


The Legend of the Shower

Most of the time, the details of courtship between teams and players are mundane. There's usually a phone call between the team and the player's representation, followed by a meeting and an eventual contract offer.

But as the Lakers would come to find out, nothing involving World Peace (or, as he was known until 2011, Ron Artest) would ever be mundane.

The story is already something of a legend, and its origins as a CBS news piece have gradually faded into Internet obscurity, but there's still a remarkable transcript of an interview Phil Jackson did with KLAC 570 in Los Angeles over at

Last year after the devastating loss in Game 6 to the Boston Celtics, Ron Artest came in our locker and walked in the shower with Kobe Bryant. Kobe’s there taking a shower—and this is a locker room the coaches have, it’s off limits—so, Ron said, ‘Coach, I can help your team, I can get that championship for the Lakers.’  I said, ‘Well, thanks Ron, that’s very nice, I appreciate your sympathies.  We’ll see what...

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