All Signs Point to Byron Scott as Favorite for Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach

Assigning a single name and face to the Los Angeles Lakers' search for a new head coach has proven impossible, but one name and face has made more appearances and makes more sense than most:

Byron Scott.

Only one candidate has warranted a second glance, and according to's Chris Broussard, it's him:

There's no end in sight to the Lakers' coach perusal just yet. It always figured to be a long process, and it continues to be shrouded in mystery and patience. Pinpointing where exactly this sideline going-over will take them has only become more difficult with time.

Other teams, from the Golden State Warriors to the New York Knicks to the Utah Jazz, have already filled their vacant positions. Surely the Lakers must have some idea of who they'll hire...right?

If they do, they're not telling. 

Or maybe they are.


The Shoe Fits

Although general manager Mitch Kupchak hasn't named any names or wondered aloud if there's a collective bargaining agreement loophole that permits Kobe Bryant to coach as well, he set definitive parameters on the kind of head honcho the Lakers seek.

"I have to say we're leaning toward the type of the coach we would want (and) I would say there would be experience involved, certainly on some level, but not necessarily," Kupchak told USA Today's Sam Amick.

In other words, there's a reason the Lakers haven't taken an ad out on Craigslist that reads: "NBA team looking for new head coach. Experience not necessary. Everyone and their pet Sugar Glider are free to apply."

The Lakers aren't looking for a first-timer. They're rebuilding, but not conventionally. Their intention isn't to marginally improve year by year, draft by draft. They're looking for a quick turnaround and want someone who can guide what they hope will be a playoff team soon.

Scott has the re...

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