Addressing the Biggest Questions Surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers

With the addition of Steve Nash and the increasing uncertainty over whether Dwight Howard will be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers before the start of next season, here are the top four burning questions surrounding the NBA's media darling:


Will Kobe Bryant retire in two seasons when his contract is up?

If there was ever a word in the English vocabulary more emphatic than no, it would be used here. Let's just go down the checklist of reasons why that is the case:

Is he still playing at a high level? Check.

Has he managed to avoid any signs that his game may take a steep turn for the worse? Check.

Is he one of the few athletes that has proven to have almost no semblance of a life outside of his respective sport? Check.

Has he managed to mitigate all the wear and tear his body has taken over the course of his career by undergoing all kinds of strange procedures? Check.

Is the all-time scoring record still within his grasp? Check.

Is he so unbelievably competitive that he'd come up with something as bogus as a premature retirement to put the onus on management to get him a better supporting cast? Check.

The Magic 8 ball says don't count on it.


Is the addition of Steve Nash enough to push the Los Angeles Lakers over the top?

If this were ever really the case, a lot of those Dwight Howard to LA rumors would have come to a screeching halt. Instead, most Laker fans smartly realize that the addition of Nash only opens the door further for a Dwight deal.

Nash will provide a much needed culture change that will both spread and speed up the Lakers offense, but also leave them as vulnerable at the defensive end as when Derek Fisher was on the team.

At the end of the day, the Lakers know they need Dwight's defense and athleticism to: elevate them to a legit championship contender; elevate Kobe's...

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