6 Reasons the Lakers Would Be Smarter to Trade Pau Gasol Than Andrew Bynum

The Los Angeles Lakers would be wise to hold onto Andrew Bynum for as long as possible, even if it means losing Pau Gasol.

Though the Los Angeles Lakers are currently sitting in third place in the Western Conferences, there are signs that they are trying to make a trade to fill their hole at point guard.

Sure they have veteran Derek Fisher running point at the moment, but with a player efficiency rating of 8.81 (his all-time worst, which is saying a lot) the Lakers would be wise to find someone to take over with the eventual/inevitable benching of Fisher, though another forward/center and a small forward are also needs.

Mitch Kupchak’s best asset for a trade is Pau Gasol, a player that many teams would love to have and the time to make a move is now. Lakers fans may, and should, cringe at the thought of losing Gasol, and dismantling the Gasol-Bynum one-two punch in the paint.

With the restructuring of the salary cap rules there simply is not enough room for both Gasol and Bynum without having to write large checks to competing teams that remain under the cap.

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