6 Prospects Los Angeles Lakers Should Consider with 27th Pick in 2015 NBA Draft

The Los Angeles Lakers received a lot of attention when they moved up to the second overall pick during the recent NBA draft lottery.

But for a rebuilding team with needs at virtually every position, there are other assets that will also be helpful, including the 27th and 34th picks.

The Lakers could choose to trade one or both of those selections—whether moving up or acquiring a veteran player.

For now, however, the team is in full evaluation mode, holding group workouts on Tuesday and Thursday for prospects who could be considered for the late first round and early second round.

It’s part of an ongoing cattle-call process. Per Serena Winters of Lakers Nation, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak plans to “bring in 50-60 players” who could be drafted in the 27-34 range.

From big to small and from shooters to rim-protectors, Los Angeles has only just begun its process of turning over every rock in hopes of finding a rare gem.


Unless otherwise noted, stats and measurements are courtesy Sports-Reference and Draft Express.

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