5 Ways Dwight Howard Can Finally Win All NBA Fans Back

Dwight Howard has the smile and swagger of a man who realizes what he just got away with.

After seemingly giving the world a crash course in how not to handle impending free agency, the superstar still wound up playing for one of the best teams in the league and in a media market befitting of his stature—in terms of physique and celebrity alike.

Let the record be clear. As Sports Illustrated's Michael Rosenberg catalogues, Howard deserved anything but such a happy ending:

In the meantime, Howard is a Laker, and how rich is that? He nuked his old franchise in Orlando, establishing himself as the best all-around franchise-destroying star in the NBA. He complained like Carmelo, got his coach fired like Jason Kidd, and ditched adoring fans like LeBron—and, like all the all-time greats, he brought something new to the game: world-class waffling, which hurt Orlando even more.

It goes without saying that it may be an eternity before those fans in Orlando can even think about Howard without becoming a bit nauseous. 

Except for bandwagon fans and those disposed to hero worship, the rest of the league's fans have to be pretty disappointed as well. It doesn't help that Howard ditched his summer basketball camp for kids, adding insult to the grievous injury suffered by Orlando and its tortured fanbase.

The ship may have sailed with those once-loyal followers, but can Dwight save face with the rest of the league's fans?

Maybe, but he'll have his work cut out for him. Here are five ways he can right his wrongs.

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