5 Things to Watch for During the LA Lakers’ Final Games

For the Los Angeles Lakers, there won't be an epic turnaround this season. Last year, the Lakers made a thrilling push toward the promised land. In an epic turn of events, Kobe Bryant used his last legs to will the Lakers into the playoffs before succumbing to a freak injury to his Achilles tendon. There won't be a redemption story this time around. The downward spiral that began last year cycled out of control, as this season looks to be one of the worst in franchise history.

It isn't just the losing. Teams go through cycles of winning and losing. This is a natural part of the NBA. It is the manner in which the Lakers disintegrated over the course of the past two seasons that has been the final nail in the broken hearts of the Lakers fans. 

While the Lakers have been playing better as of late, they are now nothing more than spoilers for potential playoff teams. While fans can find solace in the competitiveness the Lakers have shown recently, the only thing they can hope for is to retain some of the talent on this roster for next season while landing a high lottery pick.

Just because the Lakers won't be making the playoffs doesn't mean the Lakers' final stretch isn't important. There are a lot of things that management should look at in order to figure out how to proceed from this debacle of a season.


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