5 Things That Must Go Right for Mike D’Antoni’s L.A. Lakers to Run to NBA Finals

After finally getting back to a .500 record, the L.A. Lakers have restored a positive outlook on a season that started off with mediocrity and uncertainty.

Averaging a decent 15.3 points per game on the fast-break during the past three games, Mike D'Antoni's coaching style and philosophy may cause this number to continue trending upwards.

There is no denying the glowing reputation D'Antoni has garnered for himself with his innovative style on the offensive end.

However, there are some detractors who may indicate that the offense itself lacks substance and the road blocks D'Antoni's Phoenix Suns team faced against the San Antonio Spurs were due to the slower and more physical pace of the playoffs.

Furthermore, the main criticism against D'Antoni is the fact that he doesn't seem to concerned with the defensive end of the floor.

Perhaps the greatest chance the Suns had to win it all under D'Antoni was in the NBA playoffs in 2007. Many believed that the Suns were destined to win the title if they had gotten past the Spurs. However, a series of suspensions and an unfortunate flesh wound on Nash cost them the chance in a series of unfortunate events.

With that playoff run being the pinnacle of D'Antoni's system at work, there is no true evidence that indicates that D'Antoni's style of play is a championship-caliber system.

However, if D'Antoni can utilize the talent around him to reignite his high-octane style of offense, make key tweaks and with a measure of luck, the Lakers have a legitimate shot of winning the NBA title.

Stats used in this article are accurate as of Nov. 19, 2012

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