5 Things Los Angeles Lakers Must Address Before 2014 Offseason

Where do the Los Angeles Lakers go from here?

The storied NBA franchise is in the midst of its worst season since 2004-05—when Phil Jackson’s absence led to a disappointing 34-48 record.

The 2013-14 squad is poised to miss the postseason for just the fifth time since 1960-61, when the organization moved from Minneapolis.

The Lakers front office has numerous questions to answer before the 2014-15 season begins, but that process starts with addressing key issues before the 2014 offseason.

Will the injured Kobe Bryant return to the court again in 2013-14?

Should he come back during a lost season and risk another setback?

What does the Lakers' draft big board look like?

Do they know what young prospect they want to bring in depending upon eventual draft position?

Those are just a few of the questions facing LA as 2013-14 mercifully grinds to an end.

The Lakers franchise was set back in a big way when it lost All-Star center Dwight Howard for nothing last summer. Now management is forced to make savvy moves in order to rebuild a winner and change the fanbase outlook from “irritated” to “content.”


Note: All salary information courtesy of ShamSports.

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