5 Reasons Why This Will Be Kobe Bryant’s Best Playoff Run

What constitutes a great Kobe run?

For one, he has to win a title. This one is obvious. If he does this, then it's definitely going to be a memorable run.

But how do you differentiate between the five rings that he has won and the sixth he could win this year?

Well, the more of a leader he is on the Lakers, the more significant the championship becomes. For instance, his last two titles probably meant a little more for him because of the fact that he wasn't playing second fiddle to Shaquille O'Neal.

Finally, what makes a championship run the cream of the crop is the challenges a team must overcome to accomplish their ultimate goal.

This year's unique set of tasks that the Lakers have faced has been cumbersome and unprecedented. A championship this year would definitely make it Kobe's best playoff run.

Here are five reasons why. 

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