5 Reasons Why Mike D’Antoni Deserves to Stay as LA Lakers Head Coach

Mike D’Antoni has earned the right to ride out his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers and remain head coach through the 2014-15 season.

That is not a popular opinion.

If I had a nickel for every comment I've seen stating that D’Antoni should be fired immediately, I wouldn’t be able to find a Coinstar machine capable of handling the sheer amount of change.

With that said, D’Antoni deserves to keep his job. He’s been stuck between a rock and a hard place in 2013-14, as injuries have continue to stack up against a roster that likely wouldn’t have been a playoff shoe-in even if health wasn’t a factor.

Kobe Bryant has played just six games and may have to shut it down for the remainder of the season to avoid another setback. Steve Nash has been in a boxing match with Father Time, and the two-time MVP continues to get knocked down.

In spite of it all, D’Antoni has role players performing at an extremely high level and has handled the intense media scrutiny admirably well.

Consistent losses and chants of “We Want Phil” from the fans would rattle just about anyone, but the veteran coach has handled an unenviable position.

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