5 Reasons the Los Angeles Lakers Could Outperform Low Expectations in 2014-15

The consensus in the NBA community is that the Los Angeles Lakers' season is doomed before it even gets started. 

Search around for (objective) predictions of L.A.'s win total for the coming year, and you'd be hard pressed to find a figure that climbs out of the low 30s.

Bleacher Report's Bryant Knox—who broke down the Lakers' record month by month—has them pegged for 34 victories.

ESPN's Summer Forecast was even more pessimistic, projecting the league's glamour franchise for just 30 wins.

Preseason predictions, though, are no more than educated guesses. Just look at what all the pundits were saying about the Phoenix Suns this time last year.

And like that surprising Suns team, the Lakers are going to outperform their low expectations for this season.

Here's how.

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