5 Reasons Mike D’Antoni Can Take the Lakers Back to the Finals

Despite the Los Angeles Lakers being on track for a 41-41 record, they should be considered a top-two or three candidate to make the NBA Finals. 

Mike Brown wasn't the sole reason why the Lakers were struggling to start the season, but Mike D'Antoni has the ability and track record to take this team all the way to the Finals. 

This isn't a slight to Mike Brown, but D'Antoni has a much better chance of unlocking this team's full potential without the standard overreactions in Hollywood over whether Kobe shot him a dirty look or not. 

I highly doubt D'Antoni will get too mad if Dwight Howard decides to shoot a three in the middle of a game. 

If it wasn't for Robert Horry's elbow to Steve Nash (and the suspensions thereafter to Amare Stoudemire), D'Antoni would have an NBA Finals appearance and maybe even a championship under his belt. 

No, he isn't Phil Jackson, but let's face it, no one is. 

There are five reasons why the Finals are now in sight with D'Antoni at the helm. 

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